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Singapore Travel Tips

Top 10 local food you need to try in Singapore

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 5, 2016 4:16:44 AM / by Sri Djohan posted in singapore, food, famous local food singapore, must try dishes in singapore, top 10 hawker food singapore, local food in singapore

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Singaporeans obssess about food. That even sounds like an understatement. Food hunting is almost like a sport in the island nation. The immigrant culture that was the foundation of Singapore's population today had informed the region's food scene and evolved into what we see and smell and eat today. If you tell people you are going to Singapore, you might receive responses such as "Oh, you must absolutely try the local food!" Yes, it's that good.

Here are top 10 local food eateries we'd like to suggest you to try while you are in Singapore:

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